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When you want air conditioning service you can count on, it’s important to know what’s involved. That’s why it helps to have an air conditioning checklist for preventive maintenance. By doing so, you keep both your repair bill and electric bill much lower. Here are some of the most common elements:

Avoid Air Conditioning Repair

The benefits of annual servicing for your air conditioner are many, but the word “preventive” is key. When we can prevent costly air conditioning repair work, or help you avoid an emergency call, you save money and we save scheduling challenges at peak times. Summer is a busy time for the technicians at Edwin Stipe, Inc. We spend a lot of time on air conditioning repair that could have been avoided through central air conditioning maintenance.

Improve Energy Efficiency

When your central air conditioner’s coils are dirty, when your condensate drain line is clogged, or when your refrigerant levels are wrong, your system is wasting energy to overcome inefficiencies. You may find yourself continually fiddling with the thermostat to get more cooling power from a poorly maintained unit. The solution is not necessarily air conditioning repair work, but air conditioning maintenance to save energy and decrease stress on your equipment. Our trained service technicians can tune up your system to provide maximum cooling power for minimal energy cost.

Lower Your Cooling Bills

If you factor in the cost of an emergency call for us to perform air conditioning repair, and add in the monthly cost of using more electricity to run an inefficient central air conditioner, you can quickly see how regular maintenance will lower your cooling bills. Consider one of our service plans and you will lower your cooling bill even more.

Increase Your Family’s Comfort

Routine maintenance makes your central air conditioner remove more moisture from your home’s air, helps it clean the air better, and lets the system cool the air more rapidly than an inefficient or neglected system.


What the Technician Will Do

At XACT HVAC Inc. we install central air conditioners from several leading manufacturers and service many more brands. Generally, all central air conditioners need these areas inspected, adjusted or cleaned:

  • Refrigerant level—like Goldilocks, it must be just right, with not too little, not too much!

  • Leak detection—XACT HVAC technicians use leak detectors, not just their fingers, to inspect refrigerant lines for leaks

  • Capture excess refrigerant—Other companies may illegally release it into the atmosphere, but we respect the environment, and safely contain the chemicals

  • Supply Side—We examine your home’s supply side ductwork and check for air leaks

  • Airflow—We can measure your system’s airflow through the central air conditioner’s evaporator coil to ensure ideal airflow

  • Lock-out—Your home’s furnace and central air conditioner must not compete, so we verify that they cannot operate simultaneously

  • Motors—We clean off motor housings, check motor belts for wear and proper tension, and oil the motors

  • Thermostat—Our technicians will confirm your programmable or standard thermostat’s settings and accuracy

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