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Heating Installations

Have you gone without the warmth of a heating system? Are you looking to upgrade? If your equipment is in poor condition, noisy, or just doesn’t deliver efficient comfort, we can help. XACT HVAC provides Free Estimates on a new system. We will find the best heating solution for your needs. We make it our goal to enhance your comfort.  

XACT HVAC Inc. provides an extensive range of durable, economical and energy efficient options to make your home a warm and comfortable living space. 

Through product excellence and a commitment to service, we have expanded our customer base, bringing the most innovative advancements in home and commercial heating to valued citizens throughout the Greater Toronto Area. For new installations, XACT HVAC performs all of the necessary calculations to determine the proper size of the furnace that you need, ensuring that your new system operates as efficiently as possible. We also offer free estimates on replacements. If you choose to install a new system, we offer multiple payment options.


As your local XACT HVAC company, we know how cold the winters can get. When the temperatures start to drop, your furnace becomes the most important appliance in your home. Your heating system is a critical component of your home comfort during the cold months. Without the support of powerful furnace, your home temperature can decrease to uncomfortable levels. 

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